115 Main Street

Rachel Doyle, operations manager

We have hired an operations manager for the facility who has been integral in the construction management aspect of the build-out and will continue in this role when the facility opens its doors in August spring.


Construction work is well underway at Woonsocket Education Center (our new and official name!) and moving along just fine. After the demolition stage was over, work began on building up the site. All the windows have been replaced. The elevator shaft is done and a new elevator has been installed. Lots of lumber was brought in to add the interior walls, and we have ordered the furniture and paint after what seems like reviewing hundreds of swatches. We’re currently adding ductwork and the getting the electrical infrastructure in place. These are exciting times.


We’re pleased to announce that the new education center planned for Main Street in Woonsocket, has received its construction permit and work has begun on the getting the new ed center ready for workforce training and postsecondary education. The new yet-to-be-named education center in Woonsocket will serve as a regional hub for postsecondary education and workforce development initiatives designed specifically for businesses and industries leading economic growth in the region and will serve the urban core of northern Rhode Island communities with access to education and training leading to high-demand, high-wage jobs. Based on the successful Westerly Education Center, a public-private partnership, this center will also bring together state government, municipal governments, private businesses, leading industries, colleges and universities, and social service agencies to provide the resources needed to boost education and skill levels of the workforce and enable them to land good jobs. The coursework may range from GED level to master’s level and will include industry-recognized certifications and credentials of value. With an expected open date in March of 2022, preparation is ongoing and becoming more intensive. The third floor of 95-117 Main Street requires work to make it suitable for the classrooms, conference rooms, laboratories, offices, and gathering places we need.
Presently, some of the staff from Westerly Education Center are managing the operations, meeting new clients, laying the groundwork for courses, and fundraising. As we have more news to announce, we will post it here.


Ductwork continues to be installed and check out this photo of the cut to the exterior. It almost looks like a work of art. And we certainly appreciate the workmanship. The plumbing and electrical work is still occurring, and the sprinkler system is nearly finished. Modifications to the first floor lobby are progressing (a finished ceiling, new studded walls are up), and plastering in the stairwells has been going smoothly. Security cameras? Check. Wiring for electronic equipment? Check. Next up…wifi connections.”


Drywall was delivered this week and now being actively installed. We hope to begin moving furniture and computer equipment into the building in June. We also have new established Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to help share, engage, promote and enroll. Please follow us and let us know what’s on your mind for workforce training and education in northern RI.

Looks like an office in progress

drywall delivery at WOC
A bird’s eye view of our drywall on Main St.

July 18, 2022

When the furniture arrived, it REALLY started to feel like we at the finish line. Our team spent a hot and sweaty week in the facility, cutting open boxes, inspecting the goods, getting the furniture all in order, and making the site ready for students. Next up….giving it a good cleaning and getting ready for the close-ups.

Looks like a congo line

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